Try Again? Acrylic Coffin Keychain

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One of Whiskey's first ever designs from back in high school - reimagined!

This acrylic keychain is made mostly in house. While the blanks are outsourced from an amazing small business on Etsy, Whiskey does the rest!

The front is engraved with "Try Again?" and a pixel skull back, while the back is painted with dripping blood and faux wood grain to mimic a coffin, both sides sealed with a thin layer of resin. The keychain hardware is black.

If you'd like any different colors feel free to reach out for a customized keychain!


* Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. All acrylic keychains are batch made and ready to ship. If purchased with other items refer to the longest processing and creation time for shipment of your order. Please refer to FAQ for questions or contact via website or social media if question is unlisted.