Mix and Match BNHA Inspired Leather Bracelet Pair

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 Want to still get the discounted rate for buying a pair of cuffs but want two different designs? Then this is just the right place!

Doesn't matter if it's for a ship, to split costs with a friend, or to just get two designs to wear separately, you can pick almost any two here.  If you are interested in a pair that includes a custom design please contact Whiskey Works directly for a custom listing.

Due to the additional costs for R-Rated (Midnight Inspired) she is not included in this listing, please contact Whiskey if you would like a custom listing for a pair of mismatched cuffs including R-Rated or non-BNHA inspired bracelets

All cuffs are made out of 4/5oz veg tanned leather, measuring 1 inch in width (unless otherwise stated in the individual listing) and closed with a snap. Please reference individual listings for any further specifications, Some items will have an upcharge if the individual listings are also priced higher due to hardware or level of detail.

Options Available Are:

  • Radio Waves - formerly Sound Byte (Present Mic inspired)
  • Crimson Feathers (Hawks BNHA inspired, default is Gold, but can do Silver if requested in Additional Notes)
  • Burned - Formerly Duality (Dabi Inspired)
  • Cremation (Dabi Inspired)
  • Spitroast (Endeavor inspired)
  • BOOM (Dynamight inspired)
  • Unbreakable Bond (Red Riot inspired)
  • Live Wire (Chargebolt inspired)
  • Double Sided (Cellophane inspired)
  • Melt Away (Pinky inspired)

Coming Soon:

  • Kitten (kitten play/Eraserhead inspired)
  • Hungry for More/Sweet and Savory (Fatgum inspired, name pending)

​(Inquires about variations allowed, ex: changing colors, etc)

Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. All leatherwork is made to order by hand and is custom made by one person. Please allow at least 2-5 weeks processing and creating time before expecting shipment notification, refer to the current start date referred to on the main pages for current estimates start times. If rush order is needed please contact ahead of time to see if your deadline can be met. Please refer to FAQ for questions or contact via website or social media if question is unlisted.