Conventions, markets and other events all in one easy to find place! If you have a suggestion or request for an event feel free to let us know. We are SoCal based and at this time mainly looking at events in California but might do Nevada or Arizona as well.

  • 9/30/23: Witches Brew Night Market - Santa Ana, CA
  • 1/11/24-1/15/24: Further Confusion - San Jose, CA *APPLIED, NOT CONFIRMED*
  • 2/16-2/18/24: KatsuCon - *APPLIED, NOT CONFIRMED*
  • 4/26/24-4/28/24: LVL UP Expo - Las Vegas, NV *APPLIED, NOT CONFIRMED*
  • 5/24/24-5/27/24: Fanime's Silver Island Night Market - San Jose, CA *APPS NOT OPEN BUT WILL BE APPLYING*

Might try and attend either Anime Night Market when it is in Buena Park, CA or Sugoi Saturday as well at some point