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You must be at least 18 years of age in order to a collar or choker from this site. Do not gift collars or chokers to minors or buy them in their place. Bracelets/cuffs and apparel are okay for most ages but must be purchased by a guardian of legal age.

Here you will find my shop for set styles of leather collars and cuffs (original and fandom inspired), apparel (TBA) and details for the options available for customizing your own leather collar or cuffs.
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NEW TEXTILE ORDER PROCESSING TIME: 1-2 weeks if not included with Leatherwork
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Current goal set on Ko-Fi is for the base materials to create some samples for a line of Sleeveless Hoodies I would like to make!
First 6 will be BNHA inspired and you can find the designs showcased on Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter!